Myra Romano grew up in a very small town in the middle of a huge cornfield in rural Ohio. One of her favorite memories is of her Mom taking her to the local library. It was inside a huge high school, it seemed like a red brick monolith. She and her Mom would wonder for hours looking through books and records. They would check them out, pile them into Myra's rusty blue wagon and wheel them out to their faded, red Plymouth Duster. She would keep lists of all the books she read in little notebooks her Dad would have from his job at the Gas Company. For some reason, she hid the notebooks under the mattress of her bunk bed for years. Her Mom kept them all those years and now they sit in her studio as inspiration for her next children's book.

Myra would go on to graduate from the Columbus College of Art & Design, creating award-winning artwork for clients such as American Greetings, Smucker's and John Carrol University. She is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, an avid vintage ink collector & still loves the smell of a corn field in summer. Thrifting 1970's records from garage sales and flea markets make her super happy. She has 3 energetic young boys who love to ride dirt bikes and explore flea markets with them, looking for vintage records and skateboards.Watching her boys explore middle school and standing on the sidelines at their flag football games make her heart full. She also has a small addiction to; Amazon Prime, podcasts, binging on Netflix with the big guy and grilling a nice chunk of medium rare meat and a (several) glasses of wine!