I grew up in the middle of a farm that grew corn and wheat. My Uncle farmed the entire valley around us I and have always been in love with drawing, painting, sun tea, fresh veggies and going fast! My Mom gave me endless art supplies & sketchbooks and sent me out to the farm to paint what I saw. My Grandmother made most of my clothes till I was 12. My favorite was a pair of handmade Jordache jeans she gave me for my 8th birthday. My Dad was an innovative race car owner and driver. For a few years, I thought I wanted to be a top fuel race car driver who designed and painted color schemes for the cars when not racing down the track. 

I received my BFA from The Columbus College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio. I worked for many years in the advertising agencies in Ohio till my handsome husband & I moved to Arizona 10 years ago and were blessed with surprise twinsies and a singleton. Who happen to be all boys. My family is fast, loud and constantly hungry.

Having all boys in the family draws me even closer to my art. My passion is whimsical, happy fun drawings. Collecting and using sketchbooks and pens. I love traveling, exploring and spending time with my family doing all the things. Walking over the Golden Gate bridge! Eating at new and unique places. Flea marketing. Collecting vintage Pyrex. Playing vintage arcade games, jumping in the waves at the beach with the boys. Drawing, sketching, watercoloring and journaling anyplace - anytime and Cinnamon - it's where my studio name came from. I love homemade cinnamon rolls, cinnamon flavored coffee and tea, Neil Young's song; Cinnamon Girl and cinnamon heart candy's make any day better.